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Terragon Gaming

Terragon Terrain | 250 Tile Pack

Terragon Terrain | 250 Tile Pack

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Made in USA

Our tiles are manufactured, assembled and packaged by us and our production partners right in New York.

We don't outsource overseas, we make it here!


Our tiles are made from injection molded ABS plastic. This means durability!
You will not have to worry about your tiles deforming in the heat of the sun on
a scorching summer day. You can leave them in your car without worrying that
they will warp.

We use only the highest quality rare earth magnets for our terrain system.
Our magnets are pure nickel coated neodymium goodness!


Terragon tiles are ¼” thick and 1-½” wide from flat to flat. The width of these tiles is designed to accommodate the most systems, allowing fewer tiles to be used to create a larger scene. We recognize that for systems such as D&D 1” is the standard. However, the slightly larger scale offers a wide variety of benefits. Bases sized specifically for scale still fit just fine within their area of influence (We would argue that they fit better!).

The thickness of our tiles allows a low profile to build slight gradients to landscape while still offering a playable surface. No more tipping miniatures! Since Terragons are stack-able vertically it allows for counting tiles for height; this means DM’s have an easy and quick way to determine just how tall that cliff you just got pushed off of actually is! (Hurray!)

Terragon Creed

Quality is and has always been our mission. When we started making the first Terragon Gaming product, Terragon Terrain, it was the first thing on our mind. It has been the first thing on our mind since. We take a tremendous amount of pride in what comes out of our shop. Each item we make is unique and much of what we make has been crafted by human hands. Everything we make must meet our standards and our customers.

We have one mission, to deliver the best possible product to our customers. Everything we make is covered by our Creed:

Quality of our product and customer satisfaction are our focus above all else. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product or workmanship for any reason, we will refund or replace the item (at our discretion) free of charge. We will also cover any shipping costs.


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