Terragon Terrain Tiles

Our tiles are available in several colors to bring an awesome variety of terrains, landscapes, cityscapes and more to your table. We even offer preselected color themes to help you get your collection started.

What are Terragons?

An innovative self-aligning magnet system snaps these Terragon Tiles together like magic.

What can be built is left only to the imagination. Construct huge castles, a waterfall cascading down the mountainside, or a war-torn battlefield; anything is possible with Terragons. Thanks to the Terragon Tile magnetic system both assembly and disassembly is quick, easy and satisfying. No mechanical locking mechanism means no nonsense.

Bring your game to the next level, with Terragons!

Terragon Scatter Terrain

Our scatter terrain is magnetized to allow it to work quickly and easily with our tile system. Much of our terrain is modular as well. Our walls work modularly, columns are multiple pieces and trees have detachable tops just to name a few.

Endless Configuration Options

Quickly build and modify outdoor and indoor terrain layouts. Build a large flat map, a dungeon or even a massive outdoor landscape with elevation!

From the creation of fair line of sight blocking features to modular dynamic maps Terragon Terrain is the answer.

You will be thrilled with the modularity of the Terragon System. Whether you play an RPG like Dungeons & Dragons or war games like Warhammer; Terragon Terrain is sure to impress and kick your game up a notch!

Terrain Accessories

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